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Igniting the Experience of Discovery

Coaching packages for every schedule and budget

Whether you want some free occasional insight, an interactive course online, or you want to talk with a certified professional about the direction of your life, here are the services to fit your needs.

  • One-on-one telephone coaching: Three phone calls a month for 45 minutes to talk about your own successes and challenges. We'll make a personalized plan every week to help you create momentum toward your goal, and hold you accountable to your plan. Contact Dawn with questions or sign up now.
  • The Urban Nomad Young Adult Coaching Spectacular: A unique focus (with special pricing!) for people 21-31 who are figuring out their lives as responsible adults who will make a contribution to the world around them. Find out more.
  • Online Interactive e-courses: Each course includes videos from Dawn and other experts, worksheets to download, discussion questions, and an interactive forum with Dawn and the other participants in your e-course. Find out more about these 4-week sessions.
  • Urban Nomad Blog: Free articles, videos and questions to ponder on your own. Visit the blog to sign up for updates delivered by email or "like" the Facebook Group: Urban Nomad to have updates appear in your news feed.

Registration is open for online interactive e-courses! Three great options run June 1-29:
  • Personalize: Explore who You were Created to Be
  • Organize: Create Order in your Inner and Outer World
  • Realize: Set and Reach your Lifetime Goals
All courses are firmly grounded in organizational psychology, theology and the very best philosophical thought from around the world. You'll meet interesting people that are working on the same things as you. Learn more or register now.

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