Dawn Trautman

Lutheran Life Coach

The Change Management Church Mice: A Fable in Three Parts

In this series of videos:
  • Meet Pastor Patty, Bookworm Belinda, Businessman Bob, and a whole cast of characters that you may recognize from your own ministry setting.
  • Learn a proven, 8-step change management process that has been tested in a variety of organizations throughout the world, including churches.
  • Discuss questions that help you think about how to implement a change where you serve.

The videos on this page are recordings of a live presentation given by Dawn Trautman at the ELCA Youth Ministry Network Extravaganza in Anaheim, CA in January, 2013. 

All artwork was created by Pastor Maria Bergius Krämer.

Church Mice Part One
in which we meet our heros and identify the problem


Church Mice Part Two
in which we sing about the Blessing of the Cheeses


Church Mice Part Three
in which Pastor Patty reveals her hidden talent